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I am a Member of BACP Coaching Division.

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What is coaching?
Coaching is about working in the present to bring about the future that you desire for yourself. Excellent results can be achieved in just a few sessions.

I have worked with a range of clients. One has applied for a position that she had been meaning to do for some time, many have made health changes including improved eating habits and one lady has cleared out her house making room for new hobbies in her life.

I combine counselling, NLP, solution focussed techniques and positive psychology to help you shape the future you desire. Working together we find the authentic real you that knows just what you really want, and then we set about creating the self belief to enable you to achieve those dreams.

Coaching could be useful for any of the following:

  • Move towards improved wellbeing and happiness
  • Review your life and your priorities
  • Find the motivation to push yourself into action
  • Define success and happiness and what they mean for you
  • Find career direction
  • Improve your employment prospects through excellent interviews and presentations
  • Start making new friends, begin dating and finding a partner
  • Find your purpose in life and your potential to make a contribution to the world
  • Begin new healthy lifestyle changes such as improved eating habits
  • Begin that project you’ve been meaning to work on
  • Introduce more fun into your life
  • Develop your spirituality
  • Set up as self employed
  • Overcome blocks and get started with your goals
  • Fulfil your potential in the work place
  • Develop confidence, self esteem and a positive body image
  • Overcome the winter blues
  • Cope with change in your life
  • Manage stress and find ways to relax
  • Maintain momentum for study

It's now time to realise your potential and to build your confidence to define success your way.

A gift of a few sessions for your loved ones might be an interesting present.

contact me if you would like to purchase a gift voucher.

Everyone needs support from time to time and coaching can teach you strategies to return to in the future.

How does coaching work?

I believe that you already have the strengths and resources just waiting to be uncovered.  All we need to do is tap into those under-used capacities that you have lying dormant within you.

I work with you holistically and will carefully gauge when you need challenging or understanding. My role is to enable and empower you in just the way you need. I work with each individual differently as your requirements will be unique.

We work together to find values so that you can ensure your decisions are in-line with your beliefs.

We will look at where you may have learnt unhelpful emotional habits and feelings and decide if they are still useful.

We will work out what the fear is about and what is stopping you.

We may create images or films in your mind of you being wonderfully confident, looking fabulous, feeling great and moving optimistically towards your goals.

We can negotiate goals and plans and set achievable targets.

Explore what outside resources you may need and look at how you can put them in place.

Before the first session I will email you some information to get you started. Email me now to ask for this worksheet.

How much and how often?

Please contact me for my fees. Each session is an hour, and we would generally meet weekly or fortnightly. You can gauge as we go along how many sessions you would like. Some people come for a few sessions to work on a particular issue and others come for months. It is entirely individual.

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