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Hypnotherapy: Further information

From time to time in a particular counselling or coaching session, we might agree that using hypnotherapy would be beneficial.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP is about becoming aware of how we gather information from the outside world and how we interpret this information given our personal experiences, values and beliefs. I use NLP to help you become aware of the language you use. Once you become aware you can then choose to change that language so as to set a new more helpful pattern of thinking.

Looking for a New Career or Employment?

With a background in careers guidance and employment facilitating, I have the skills needed to offer you a mixture of coaching and hypnotherapy to enable this transition. Sometimes we can be aware that we need to make a change but we can’t quite find the time to focus on the task in hand with the direction that we need. A few sessions could:

  • Give you space to consider all of your options
  • Find a way of experiencing more meaning in your work
  • Help you focus on the change you wish to make
  • Increase your confidence in your ability to take the plunge
  • Motivate you through the application process
  • Facilitate your development of the resources that you need
  • Enable you to enter into meetings and interviews with confidence
  • Improve your presentation skills

Possible concerns

  • This is not stage hypnosis which is for entertainment purposes only. You will remain in control all of the time and will not say or do anything against your will.

  • If you usually wear contact lenses, they need to be comfortable to wear for around thirty minutes with your eyes closed. Alternatively, wear your glasses.



Young People

My experience in secondary teaching and as a careers adviser means I enjoy working with young people.

I am able to support teenagers who might need some support in areas such as:

  • motivation and focus
  • exam nerves
  • revision
  • interviews
  • driving tests
  • confidence and self esteem
I have an Enhanced Disclosure CRB Certificate


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Mobile: 07791 018 753
Landline: 01752 219 179

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