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My counsellor, Vanessa, was kind, considerate and understanding. She also knows about human nature and its attendant problems. Counselling has helped me considerably. A - Ivybridge

I found the whole hypnotherapy experience to be relaxing, comforting and really life changing. Vanessa is totally professional, but caring and calming. My life has changed totally; I feel so much better about myself, much more confident and relaxed. S – Elburton

In my case counselling helped me to deal with my problems and made me feel better about myself. Having someone to talk to completely apart from friends and family helped a great deal. V – Crownhill

Had 7 sessions with Vanessa on weight management and body image and the results have been amazing. I am still steadily losing weight, have totally changes my eating habits and feel better about myself and healthier too. Vanessa is very easy to work with. Would and have sung her praises to everyone. E – Staddiscombe

The results of my sessions have increased my self esteem. I feel more alert and happier in myself. This was a good investment. I am now totally free of grazing throughout the day and my habit of eating junk food is much improved. Vanessa is very pleasant, professional and very easy to talk to. P – Brixton

My attitude to food and my relationship with myself has changed completely. I now eat to benefit my body and am much kinder to myself. Weight loss has been a fantastic side effect of this. I am now free from feeling bad about myself.  Since my Hypno-Band it has been truly remarkable: I have a very clear image that I can bring into focus, imagining how full my stomach is.  Since I started seeing Vanessa I have lost 1 and a half stone without ‘dieting’ which is not the magic wand that I thought I wanted but instead a very clear shift in my behaviour that I am confident is long term. The nutritional advice was really helpful too. The talking was the first time I’ve ever said a lot of it out loud and Vanessa was great.  P – Eggbuckland

I went to see Vanessa about my obsession with eating sugary foods and then mentally beating myself up about it. I had three sessions of hypnotherapy. I found it worked after the first session and I can’t quite believe that it did. I am thrilled that I tried it and so happy and relaxed about my eating habits now. My self confidence has increased. P – Torpoint

I stopped gambling and I will use hypnotherapy again in the future. I was very satisfied.  J – Newton Abbott

I had 2 sessions and noticed an improvement of the symptoms of anxiety. The sessions were useful and a positive experience. I would recommend Vanessa to others.  H– Liskeard

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